Landscape Management Checklist January 2022

Spring Colors

Balanced Enviroments

January 19, 2022

Have you approved your 2022 Landscape Management agreement? There is a known labor shortage going into the 2022 landscape season. Plan your decision making process accordingly to make sure you secure your preferred landscape management team. Routes will fill quickly in 2022.

Spring ColorsPick Your Spring Color

Spring Flower orders are due. Contact your Account Manager today with your spring flower decisions. Commercial floral growers will not be growing “extra” or “speculative” product in 2022 due to the cost of plastic and labor shortages. Contract your spring floral container and ground bed displays today to ensure product availability.

Winter Tree Pruning

How many years has it been since you Dormant Pruned your large trees? Did you know some trees should only be pruned in the winter such as Oak and Red Bud? How about the various shrubs on the property, have you ever dormant pruned them? Dormant pruning ensures structural soundness, air and moisture circulation providing a myriad of health benefits all while keeping the natural integrity of the tree/shrub shape in mind.

De IcingParking Lot Sweep

Being in the heart of the snow and ice season we’re sure you are starting to see salt residue on the asphalt. Have you considered street sweeping services as part of your Spring Cleaning check list?

Do you have Perpetual Winter Character?

Does your property have innate Winter Color & Texture? Do you have trees that hold red berries through the winter months? How about red dogwood stems or hydrangea blossoms that provide color and texture? Do you have multiple colors and sizes of evergreen trees and shrubs to enjoy during the winter. Burning bush have beautiful winged branches that hold ice and snow showcasing the plants beautiful structure. Take a moment to drive or walk your winter landscape. We would be happy to assist you with adding permanent winter character.

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