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Spring Flowers

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February 10, 2022

Spring FlowersWe couldn’t wait to share some of our favorite blooms, full of deep reds, hot pinks and regal purples. For your valentine or for the one who needs some love this week, these blooms bring a smile and warm the heart!

Bleeding Heart

In the language of flowers, a bleeding heart symbolizes passionate love, compassion and romance.
– Jim Benecke, Account Manager
– Jason Seebacker, Senior Account Representative
– Jennifer Scales, CRM & CPQ Software Administrator/Sales Assistant
– Norm Kleber, Account Representative and Turf Specialist


Greek name which means “to sparkle”. Symbolizes pride, strength, determination and they stand tall above all other winter blooms.
– Jim Wollney, Senior Account Manager

Wine & Roses Weigela

As a member of the honeysuckle family, Weigela are predominantly viewed as a symbol of happiness.
– Stephen Orr, Account Manager


Represent refinement, luxury and mystery. For those mysterious one of a kind loves!
– Maelo Maldonado, Senior Landscape Architect


Romance, love, beauty and courage. Thornless varieties symbolize love at first sight.
– Stephanie Borchardt, Office Manager

Red Gerber Daisy

Symbolizes innocence, purity, cheerfulness and loyal love.
– Bill Wegener, Lombard Enhancement Coordinator

FoxTrot Tulip

Multicolored pink, double flowering tulip; rare variety.
– Michael Prescott, Development Director


Large beautiful blooms, cut flower for Valentine’s Day, see more and more in weddings. Generally symbolic of love, honor, happiness, wealth, romance and beauty.
– Glenn Broadfield, Sr. Director of Development

Redbud Tree

Beautiful pink spring color and heart shaped leaves. Importance in the production of honey.
– Judy Short, Senior Account Manager
– Matt McLean, Chief Operations Officer


Hot pink/purple annual flower. Inspires confidence, assurance and maturity.
– Adam Tecza, Snow Coordinator


Floral meaning is “perfect love”.
A tulip also symbolizes Perfection & Royalty.
Hot pink is my favorite.
“I have a vase of cut tulips on my kitchen table from mid-January through Mother’s Day.”
Elegant perfection!
– Gayle Kruckenberg, Sales Director

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Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms

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