Landscape Management Checklist March 2022

Summer Seasonal Color

Balanced Enviroments

February 24, 2022

Early Summer Color Confirmation

Tree CareConfirm your summer seasonal color. All annual flowers will be in short supply in 2022. Do you have your displays ordered and plant palettes confirmed?


Tree Care in March!

Have you signed up for your Tree Care Program? Spring fertilization, sustainable/green dormant oils and fungicide applications will all begin in March. Trees are a vital asset to most landscapes. Your Account Manager is available to discuss how to protect and sustain your trees’ beauty and health.

Spring Mulching Starts in Mid-March!

Have you discussed a mulching or composting program with your Account Manager for 2022? Spring mulching can begin as soon as the snow cover is gone. Typically mid-March. We recommend mulching as soon as the spring clean-up is completed.

Turf RevitalizationTurf Revitalization

Timing of spring turf repairs is vital. Your turf fertilization program should vary if you are doing any seeding in the spring; proper turf fertilization and weed prevention product selection is vital. Plus spring core aeration promotes healthy root development whether mechanical or chemical. Confirm your spring turf revitalization plans with your Account Manager today!

Signs of Spring Make us Happy!

Witch hazel and forsythia blossoms are just around the corner. Be on the lookout for the first signs of spring.

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