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masters of golf

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April 8, 2022

Here are some little known Augusta National Golf Course Facts

Augusta National Golf Course was built on a former plant nursery co-designed by Bobby Jones and Alister MacKenzie.

Augusta is a Parkland Style Golf Course. That is a style of course that is heavily designed by a course architect and includes soft green fairways, lots of large trees and is heavily landscaped.

masters of golf
Masters of Golf

Jack Nickalus has won the Masters Tournament 6 times, Tiger Woods 5 and Arnold Palmer 4.

For the most beautiful camera shots the grounds crew at Augusta National is required to put blue dye in the ponds and meticulously tend to the flowers.

There is an “urban legend” at Augusta National called the “Ice theory”, that has been around for decades. It says the groundskeepers pack the azaleas with ice to trick them into not blooming early. Georgia horticulturists have poked holes in this theory, not the least of which are that ice has a habit of melting when it is warm and the golf course is really big and has a LOT of azalea plants.

Masters of Golf
Masters of Golf

There are over 1000 azalea just on the 13th hole alone.

In 2017, due to an unusually warm spring, the azaleas were done blooming almost 3 weeks before the tournament.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, cool nights this spring have brought the azaleas around the 13th tee and green as well as on the hill to the left of the 6th & 16th into full glory just in time for the 2022 Masters.

It could have been bad! A heavy frost on the night of March 13 could have wiped out all of the famous flowers around Augusta National. “That freeze got probably 40% of the blooms, we are lucky to have what we have.” stated a groundskeeper.

Masters of Golf
Masters of Golf

Holes #11, #12, and #13 at Augusta National are known as “Amen Corner” because they are the most difficult three holes. It is said that all players should say a prayer before entering that section of the golf course.

Augusta National Hole Names
Tea Olive
Pink Dogwood
Flowering Peach
Flowering Crab Apple
Yellow Jasmine
Carolina Cherry
White Dogwood
Golden Bell
Chinese Fir

Masters of Golf

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