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Balanced Enviroments

April 22, 2022

Enjoy your grass this year with Turf Aeration & More!

This is a good time to aerate as the turf is recovering from dormancy.

spring lawn

Aerating is the process of scooping or “coring” holes into your lawn so oxygen, water and nutrients can penetrate deeper into the soil.

Core Aeration opens up the turf so the root zone can grow thicker and people enjoy a lush soft lawn.

Drum Aerators VS Punch Hydro Aerators.

With compacted soils, the drum pulls a 1” plug.

A Punch Hydro punches a 6”-8” plug. The larger plug allow roots to expand.


Certain soil conditioners can reduce thatch layers and aerate areas effectively.

Natural Bacteria products enhance the mycorrhizae in the soil to prove that the root mass and seed growth are superior. SumaGrow/BRIX has been used in Farm Ag for over 20 years to produce more yield.

The root mass is visibly stronger after only 1 week of growth.

Treated VS Starter Fertilizer.

Call Balanced Environments Inc. today to get started on your lush green, soft lawns.


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