Time to Deck the Halls!

Deck the Halls

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December 5, 2022

We like to think we help to make the season a little more merry and bright.
Enjoy these client light shows.

December 1st was National Christmas Lights Day! At BEI we are BIG into celebrating holiday lights with our clients. Our skilled lights teams install holiday lights all over the Upper Midwest.

Deck the Halls

Electric holiday lights were first invented in the 1880s by Edward H. Johnson, an associate of Thomas Edison. On December 22, 1882, he lit his Christmas tree with 80 incandescent light bulbs at his home in New York City. It wasn’t until 1903, when General Electric began selling pre-assembled kits of holiday lights, that electric lights became popular for Christmas time.

Seen here: Parkway trees are lit in a spiral pattern with full lit trunks to make a festive display down this municipalities main boulevard.

Christmas lights, also known as fairy lights, festive lights, holiday lights, mini lights, string lights or twinkle lights, have been associated with the holiday season for over a century.

Seen here: The famous Woodstock square from a birds eye view hosts a square lighting ceremony every year. BEI spends up to a month stringing the historic square.

Deck the Halls
Deck the Halls

In 1895 the first electric holiday tree was lit at the White House.

The Rockefeller Center tree did not have electric lights until 1956.

Seen here: This week we got these lovely photos from our client. They are in love with the lights BEI installed in their outdoor rotunda.

There is something about the look of holiday lights shining that captures the imagination. Some can be instantly transported back to their childhood. Whether they shine against a blanket of snow or glimmer from the trunk of a palm tree, holiday lights have their own special kind of beauty.

Seen here: a mix of deciduous trees and evergreens are given the full light treatment at this corporate entrance way.

Deck the Halls
Deck the Halls

Today, electric lights are an integral part of the winter holidays and certainly are not exclusive to Christmas. As our BEI team and friends get ready for the end-of-year holidays, lets string up our lights and celebrate!

Seen here: Small parkway city trees even get the magical light treatment from BEI for this multi story residential complex.

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