Celebrate Independence Day with Dazzling Red, White, and Blue Flowers!

4th of July 2023

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June 22, 2023

Celebrate the 4th of July with Dazzling Firework-Inspired Red, White, and Blue Flowers!

Get ready to light up your garden with dazzling bursts of color this 4th of July!

4th of July 2023

As we prepare to celebrate the spirit of independence, what better way to honor the occasion than with a stunning display of red, white, and blue flowers that resemble vibrant fireworks?

Transform your outdoor space into a patriotic paradise with these captivating blooms that will leave you awe-struck. Let’s explore a selection of flowers that will ignite your garden with patriotic pride!

Firecracker Red Gladiolus:

With its tall, elegant spikes adorned with brilliant red blossoms, the Firecracker Red Gladiolus is reminiscent of the fiery sparks that light up the night sky. These eye-catching blooms, resembling miniature fireworks, will add height and drama to your garden. Plant them in sunny locations with well-drained soil, and watch them burst into stunning displays of red.

4th of July 2023
4th of July 2023

Star-Spangled White Petunias:

Like shimmering bursts of white light, the Star-Spangled White Petunias offer a touch of elegance and sophistication to your garden. These cascading beauties, with their pristine white petals and star-like centers, create a captivating visual effect. Plant them in containers or hanging baskets for a stunning display that mimics fireworks gracefully cascading from the sky.

Blue Rocket Delphinium::

The Blue Rocket Delphinium stands tall and proud, just like the rockets soaring into the heavens on Independence Day. Its majestic spires adorned with deep blue flowers resemble the majestic bursts of fireworks. Plant them in a sunny spot with fertile soil, and watch as these regal blooms bring a touch of patriotic grandeur to your garden.

4th of July 2023
4th of July 2023

Firework Fountains Daylilies:

The Firework Fountains Daylilies offer a burst of color reminiscent of dazzling fireworks displays. These vibrant, orange-red flowers with yellow centers create a radiant focal point in your garden. The long blooming season ensures that your garden will be ablaze with vibrant hues throughout the summer, making them a perfect choice for Independence Day celebrations.

Sparkling Blue Lobelia:

The Sparkling Blue Lobelia resembles a sky filled with tiny blue fireworks, adding a touch of sparkle and whimsy to your garden. These low-growing, mounding plants are perfect for borders, containers, or as ground cover. Their profusion of delicate blue flowers will create a stunning carpet of color that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.

4th of July 2023
4th of July 2023

Discover an exquisite selection of red, white, and blue flowers that will bring the spirit of fireworks to your garden. Our knowledgeable staff at BEI, will be thrilled to assist you in selecting the perfect plants and offer expert advice on care and maintenance.

Let your garden light up this 4th of July! Celebrate with a patriotic explosion of color that will dazzle friends and family alike.

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