From Roots to Monuments: A Recap of Balanced Environments’ Impactful Efforts at NALP Renewal and Remembrance!

Impactful Efforts at NALP Renewal and Remembrance

Balanced Enviroments

July 20, 2023

BEI Lends a Hand at
NALP’s Renewal and Remembrance Initiative

At Balanced Environments, we believe in honoring the memory and giving back to those who have given so much for our nation.

We are thrilled to share the successful outcome of Balanced Environments’ participation in the NALP Renewal and Remembrance event that took place on July 16 and 17. It was an incredible opportunity to come together as a community and make a positive impact on two of our nation’s most treasured locations: Arlington National Cemetery and the National Mall.

This event brings together industry professionals from across the country to show our gratitude and support for our fallen heroes by providing essential landscape services to this hallowed ground.

BEI’s own Norm Kleber united with fellow volunteers and lend a hand in various landscaping projects.

Impactful Efforts at NALP Renewal and Remembrance
Impactful Efforts at NALP Renewal and Remembrance

At Arlington National Cemetery, we embarked on several vital projects:

  • We provided lighting protection for 5 historic trees, ensuring their continued preservation for future generations.
  • Lime application was meticulously done to enhance the turf’s vibrancy and complement the cemetery’s solemn atmosphere.

  • Our team undertook irrigation additions and repairs at the columbarium, guaranteeing proper hydration for the beautiful plants and flowers surrounding the area.
  • The columbarium area received an aesthetic boost with paver repair and additions, improving both safety and visual appeal.

Impactful Efforts at NALP Renewal and Remembrance
Impactful Efforts at NALP Renewal and Remembrance

  • We also carried out paver cleaning at the columbarium, restoring the original beauty of the paved areas.

  • As part of our children’s program, we engaged and inspired the next generation by adding tree and annual flower plantings to areas surrounding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

At the National Mall, our efforts were equally impactful:

  • We took on the task of reseeding a section at the base of the Washington Monument, ensuring its landscape remains lush and grand.

  • Mulching was applied under the Cherry Trees at the outer sections of the Washington Monument, providing essential nutrients and care to these cherished trees.

Impactful Efforts at NALP Renewal and Remembrance
Impactful Efforts at NALP Renewal and Remembrance

  • Our team redefined understory beds and applied mulch under the Historic Cherry trees in the Tidal Basin at the FDFR Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial, restoring their symbolic beauty.
  • Additionally, we addressed piping repairs supporting the chain fence barrier posts, contributing to the safety and integrity of the surrounding sidewalks near the FDR Memorial.

We at Balanced Environments, Inc. are humbled to help maintain “America’s Hallowed Grounds” of Arlington National Cemetery and also Beautify America’s Front Yard.

Participating in Renewal and Remembrance, is a powerful opportunity to give back to our military community and demonstrate our appreciation for their service.

Impactful Efforts at NALP Renewal and Remembrance

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