Highlights of Our Incredible Summer BEI Events!

Summer Events

Balanced Enviroments

August 25, 2023

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of our amazing employees over the years. If you know any of these wonderful people, feel free to reach out and say hello and happy anniversary!

Summer Events

Employee Appreciation Day: A Day to Remember

We kicked off the season with a heartwarming celebration of YOU, our exceptional team members. Employee Appreciation Day was a day filled with laughter, gratitude, and a special acknowledgment of the remarkable work you do. Together, we toasted to your dedication that keeps our company shining.

Employee Recognition & Training Workshop

Our Training Workshops brought learning to the forefront. With engaging sessions led by industry experts, you dived into new skills and gained insights that will undoubtedly impact your career journey. Remember, growth is a continuous journey, and we’re thrilled to support you every step of the way.

Summer Events
Summer Events

Suburban BOMA Networking Mixer: Building Connections

The Suburban BOMA Networking Mixer was a dynamic opportunity to forge new connections within our industry. Handshakes, conversations, and shared ideas made this event a true testament to the power of networking.

NALP Renewal & Remembrance: Greening our Community

We came together at the NALP Renewal & Remembrance event to honor our commitment to beautiful landscapes. As we rolled up our sleeves to contribute to our community, we also reaffirmed our dedication to making a positive impact.

Summer Events
Summer Events

Bell Works Poker Night:

The chips were stacked, the cards were dealt, and laughter filled the air at Bell Works Poker Night. It was an evening of friendly competition and camaraderie, reminding us that great moments are often found in the simplest pleasures.

IAPD, IREJ, IREM, CAI, REjournals CRE and many more!

Golf enthusiasts united for various Golf Outings, combining business with leisure. Networking and golfing side by side, we celebrated connections that drive it forward. Amongst stunning fairways, we continued to strengthen our professional bonds and tee off towards new possibilities.

Summer Events
Summer Events

Illinois Sports Turf Summer Field Day at Halas Hall:

Stepping onto the turf where legends play was a dream come true at the Illinois Sports Turf Summer Field Day. We soaked in knowledge and inspiration in an iconic setting.

BOMA/Suburban Chicago BOMA International Convention at Kansas City

Venturing beyond our horizons, we participated in the BOMA International Convention in Kansas City. The convention was a hub of insights and connections that will continue to shape our journey.

Summer Events
Summer Events

BEI Brewers Game Day at American Family Field:

We opened our summer fun at the BEI Brewers Game Day at American Family Field. Laughs, cheers, and team spirit filled the air as we enjoyed the thrill of the game.

Beautification Day at Sarah’s Inn: Making a positive impact on our community, we participated in Chicago IREM’s #BeautificationDay at Sarah’s Inn. It was a day of giving back and supporting a cause that matters.

As we move into a new season, let’s carry the energy, connections, and memories from our summer events. Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community.

Stay tuned for what’s coming next.

Summer Events

All of these amazing BEI team members have had a major role in keeping BEI’s top line growing by double digits and our clients happy and loyal.

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