Spring Color in your Landscape


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Spring Color in your Landscape

 "Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"
 The beauty of this spring has once again been an amazing show of color and life as our landscapes are reawakened from the slumber of winter. Each spring, countless plant varieties perform a show unlike any other season of the year. Early blossoms of crocus, daffodils and pansies provide an overture to the waves of varying colors that follow. Our Midwestern climate provides a perfect setting for spring bulbs such as snowdrops, tulips, hyacinth, and allium to name a few. Our woody trees and shrubs provide some of the most dramatic color shows of the year. These include forsythia, spirea, azalea, rhododendron, lilac, weigela, witch hazel, magnolia, redbud, flowering crabapple, and serviceberry. Perennial flowers emerge as they are reborn each spring surprising us with their persevering lifecycle. Phlox, iris, lenten rose, violet, columbine, bleeding heart, lungwort and bluebell make up a partial list of the early blooming perennials that perform well in our region.




As the spring gives way to the warmer summer months, flower variety is still present through woody plants, perennial flowers, and annual flower displays, but no season matches the standing ovation that is deserved for the performance of our spring flowering plants.


Of the numerous flowering plants listed above, how many do you have incorporated into your landscape? Have you accounted for....

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