Summertime in Chicago


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Summertime in Chicago

Summertime in Chicago
"And the Living is Easy"
Another 4th of July holiday has come and gone and we are enjoying the family vacations and outings that characterize the summer months. Extended daylight hours and warmer weather inspire us to enjoy the outdoors and that favorite summer vacation destination. It’s fascinating how our weather influences our lives and daily plans.
Our weather this spring and summer has been a big challenge for landscape professionals. After one of the wettest spring seasons in 150 years precipitation has continued consistently in most Chicagoland communities. Weekly landscape maintenance schedules have been difficult to uphold and while plants enjoy the moisture for flourishing growth, our maintenance teams have been working overtime to keep up with it. With this wet, humid climate, we need to be on the lookout for seasonal pests and diseases.

Increased populations of Japanese beetle, Slugs, Aphids and Grubs are sure to be in abundance with the increased foliage to feed on. Turf diseases (fungus) will be almost inevitable this year. Fungus requires 2 conditions to survive; dampness for 12 or more hours, and humidity. We’ve had both in abundance.



As we near the half way point of our growing season our team is on the job for you. Our experienced technicians and supervisors are looking out for potential problems as a result of our weather. We are here to offer proactive maintenance practices and solutions to these challenges.


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