Where are you with your 2018 Landscape Budget?


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Where are you with your 2018 Landscape Budget?

BUDGETS: A Necessary Evil?

Most of us consider the job of creating a budget a necessary evil. To achieve financial success, budgets are indeed necessary but don’t have to be considered evil. The same is true for creating a budget that identifies landscape requirements and associated costs for your property. This budget preparation can be successful and painless if you consider three guidelines; timing, planning and knowledge.



The time to prepare a landscape budget for next season is now while the property is colorful and alive. Plant materials, turf conditions, seasonal color rotations, irrigation needs and tree care are best evaluated while they are active and thriving. It’s more effective to make decisions about summer annual flowers during the 

summer instead of trying to remember during the dead of winter.



Planning your landscape needs, should not only include next season but two or....


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