Balanced Environments and Kemper Lakes Business Center WIN


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Balanced Environments and Kemper Lakes Business Center WIN


Congratulations TEAM!


Balanced Environments, Inc. has earned

the 2018 National Association of Landscape Professionals

Award of Excellence Gold Award


for its outstanding efforts at


“Kemper Lakes Business Center” in Lake Zurich, IL.



Kemper Lakes Business Center is a world class multi-tenant corporate campus with four interconnected buildings totaling more than 1.1 million square feet for three world headquartered corporations on site. The client expects the 150 acre grounds to be continuously maintained with a polished appearance that is consistent with the impeccable interior office spaces and common areas.  All of these expectations are achieved through a close partnership and collaboration of achieving a workplace unlike any other within distinct budget constraints.


Surrounded on three sides by a connected chain of lakes, shared with the adjacent renowned Kemper Lakes Golf Club, the property possesses changing water tables and soil types resulting in challenging irrigation requirements and demands.  Landscape maintenance crews are present on the property every weekday morning to police the grounds and deadhead seasonal color plantings preparing the property for the 4000 plus daily workforce. Experienced foreman and site supervisor are responsible for regularly inspecting the property.  The on-site property management team is an integral partner during the seasonal color display selection process. High expectations are set to achieve vibrancy and intensity of color using consistent varieties at different moisture and exposure conditions. The adjacent world class golf course provides a beautiful backdrop surrounding these grounds but periodic golf tournaments including the 2018 women’s PGA championship create unique challenges for our normal maintenance practices.