Irrigation and Water Management


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Irrigation & Water Management


Commercial and corporate landscapes invariably require periodic watering to sustain the ornamental landscape; and also contain water features such as storm-water retention ponds, decorative ponds and other water accents (i.e. fountains, waterfall features). Balanced Environments has the experience to manage, and install, all aspects of water related management and features.


BEI has full, in-house capabilities for landscape irrigation system management, renovations, and installations.

  • Full system installation - for new and existing landscapes.
  • Irrigation system expansion and renovation.
  • System management and regular maintenance services.
  • Water usage audits and consulting – for sustainable landscape audits.

Water Features

Waterfalls (formal or naturalized), decorative fountains, and ornamental ponds – can be interesting and dynamic focal points. BEI has the experience and knowledge to design, build, and maintain these special features within a variety of landscape settings.

  • Formal Decorative Basins and Naturalized Ponds
  • Pond-less’ Waterfalls
  • Koi Ponds (including fish and aquatic plantings)
  • Water-Wall Features
  • Rain Gardens and Bio-Swales
  • Custom Designs and Pre-cast Installations
  • Water sourcing options – from on-site irrigation (existing or newly installed)
  • Seasonal maintenance

Lake and Pond Management

BEI employs licensed and certified applicators, using the most up to date programs and training for water/pond management.

  • Weed growth management and water quality testing.
  • Shoreline stability management – including rip-rap installation and other erosion control applications.
  • Fountain and aerator installation and management services.


I have relied on Balanced Environments' Irrigation Technicians to watch over our multiple irrigation systems for many seasons. Their industry knowledge and ability to promptly respond, gives me the peace of mind that I need as Chief Engineer.

Fernanso O., Chief Engineer

Collierts International