Jax McRescue

Jax McRescue Chief Happiness Director and Turf Irrigation Specialist

Jax is BEI’s Chief Happiness Director and has been with Balanced Environment’s Old Mill Creek office since 2021. Jax has a degree from Rescue University in cuteness and has been in the green industry ever since. As Chief Happiness Director, his responsibilities revolve around greeting every employee and guest at their vehicle when they arrive and wagging his tail energetically to show his approval. Jax loves to follow everyone around the property making sure to inspect all the trees and ornamental grasses on a regular basis. He is a Turf Irrigation Specialist as part of his daily outdoor duties. Jax’s philosophy towards landscape and the green industry is that landscape is to be appreciated and loved, just like everyone he meets.

Contact Information

17950 W. Rt. 173,Old Mill Creek,IL,60083