Luke Turner

Luke Turner Landscape Designer & Estimator

Luke Turner has been in the landscape industry since 2021, but fell in love with landscaping at 5 years-old. He is a Landscape Designer and Estimator with a focus on creating beautiful designs that excite BEI clients. Mr. Turner creates concepts and 3D models based on project budgets and need along with takeoffs and proposals from other engineering and architecture firms that hire BEI for their services. Luke loves the opportunity for growth at BEI and the variety of projects that are available in the commercial market. He also enjoys connecting with clients and problem solving. Luke has an Ivy League Princeton degree in architecture and urban planning and has been involved in over 200 landscape designs, numerous community garden projects as well as 4 large municipal park designs.

Mr. Turner states “ I want to be a part of a positive change towards a greener future for everyone. My passion is to help others and I have found a way to do so by developing private and public spaces that are incorporated with nature.” He volunteers with a special needs group in his community every week and helps out with a business in Naperville that employees special needs adults.

Luke’s final word of advice: “Leaves of three, let it be.”

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