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Balanced Environments, Inc. provides a comprehensive scope of Landscape and Snow Removal Services
for both new and renovation landscapes; in both maintenance and installation.

River Point Place

River Point Place building sits on the Chicago river directly across from the Merchandise Mart

River Point is a unique combination of dazzling, well-manicured turf and stunning planting beds. All of this landscape design beauty surrounds Calatrava’s Constellation sculpture, making River Point a magnificent place to work and relax. Balanced Environments, Inc. uses specialized drip irrigation systems that collect rain water to water both the turf and planting beds in this river front park setting. This stunning site anchors the base of the Chicago River running due West with both upper and lower levels designed with green landscape scenes. You can view this wonderful greenery from the second floor deck or the onsite restaurant’s outdoor patio. From the 12,000 square feet of phenomenal walkways to its relaxing seating nestled in over 30 mature trees, River Point provides the largest public green space along the river walk.

Covenant Living

Covenant Living of Northbrook is a thriving retirement community on 60 acres in Northbrook, Illinois

A dedicated two man landscape maintenance crew is present on the property every weekday to police the grounds and deadhead seasonal color plantings keeping the property beautiful for the 550 residents and 300 employees. Tenured foremen and a site supervisor are responsible for regularly inspecting the property. There is an additional dedicated 2 man watering crew on site a minimum of 6 days a week for moisture needs. Irrigation zones and sprinkler heads providing too much or too little moisture are adjusted regularly to keep plants and turf vigorous but not over watered. The irrigation system has hose bib access in the 2 residential vegetable garden plots for resident use. There is a 2” irrigation main line plumbed near the landscape staging yard to quickly fill water truck tanks. 75 Landscape sized specimen trees have been installed over the past 5 years to replace the aged trees that have been lost. Gator bags are used to maintain proper moisture levels in these newer trees. In 2021, 50, 1 gallon trees, procured by campus administration, through the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District free tree program were installed on site. Small trees are protected with vibrant colored cages and require daily hand watering. To date, we have not lost a single seedling tree. Trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials are scouted regularly for evidence of insects and diseases. A pest management program that addresses curative needs has been established to assist with reduced budgets. Strategic pre-winter and post-winter applications of soil conditioners are utilized in years where campus budget allows.

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Numerous annual flower beds have been carefully designed and strategically placed for maximum color throughout campus. Strategic building entrances receive four color rotations while the majority of the campus receives summer annuals only. 27 Racks of bedding plants and vines combined with 55 thriller plants from tropical flora to ornamental grasses make up the summer color rotation. About 60 percent of the summer seasonal color requires hand watering and 40 percent is managed with the automated irrigation system. Turf grubs were addresses in 3 phases during the 2021 growing season. The management of weeds and insects were constantly monitored in February of 2021 due to warmer than usual winter temperatures, zero frost line, and massive late snow in February. This last snow insulated the ground during the frigid temperatures and maintained a zero frost line. The worst and longest recorded drought followed for 13 weeks this spring. We constantly monitored this which gave us the information needed and know what to expect with weed and insect infestation. Turf grubs were addressed in 3 phases during the 2021 growing season. A large quantity of active grubs were identified on campus late March. A product was applied to reduce the summer population. Japanese Beetles showed up early and proper IPM (Integrated Pest Management) procedures were followed. We applied a safe product on trees, shrubs, roses, and perennials only where and when the beetles were detected. With the previous year and early 2021 infestation, a preventative grub treatment was applied to all turf on campus. A plant “orphanage” garden was elegantly crafted in the heart of campus for plants displaced when new residents prefer a different plant palette for their personal space. This holding garden is a thriving space of various color, texture and plant types. Residents have donated seedling evergreens received on Earth Day from their local bank that started smaller than a 12 inch ruler are now 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. Some plants are nurtured in this garden until they are needed as replacement plants in other common areas or a new resident request can be procured from this holding location. The beds lines in this garden are very curvy and provide a wandering turf walking path for residents to enjoy the diverse flora. We are proud to say the resident landscape rating has continued to rise each of the 5 years we have managed the landscaping at this faciliity. One quote from the resident survey shared with us from administration reads, “The campus has not looked this good in years!” Development of protocols and standards of quality were the building blocks for this residential commercial landscape management program. With attention to detail, and proper horticultural standards, our operations teams manage the Covenant Living of Northbrook campus as a regionally important landscape environment.

Deerfield Corporate Park

70-acre campus along the Tri-state Tollway in Deerfield

Harvard Home

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Landscape Installation
{Hello Mike, I hope all is well. I want to thank you and your team for the amazing job they are doing with the property. Everyone is glad to see it be a building we can be proud of again. Please share our appreciation with your team.{
Kurt Vavra
Deputy Chief, Glen Ellyn Police Department
Landscape Installation
{My experience with Balanced Environments has been wonderful. My account manager is always available when we need her. She returns calls or emails faster than anyone I have ever worked with. She is also very creative to come up with solutions to some tough problems. Her service is always with a smile. This past year she was able to meet our very strict budget and still make the hanging baskets, flower beds and property look better than ever. She is a pleasure to work with and is always under constant demands from our very vocal landscaping committee. I would highly recommend her to any other campus or property.{
Randy Gross
VP of Facilities Management, Covenant Retirement Communities, Skokie, IL
Landscape Management
{For the few years that I have been working with Balanced Environments, they are far and above better than the rest. They are always available, either for site visits or site phone calls. When something needs to be addressed at the property it gets taken care of right away.{
Kevin Ahmer, CMCA
Kalman Management, Inc. Libertyville, IL
Landscape Management
{Balanced Environments is a "complete" landscape company, from design to implementation to lawn care and plant maintenance. During the drought, plants were monitored and watered, sometimes daily, to prevent loss. The crews have always been polite and accommodating, especially to driveway traffic. Not always an easy task on some days! I use Balanced Environments at my primary residence and two additional properties as well.{
Amy W.
Crystal Lake
Landscape Management
{I wanted to let you know how pleased I am to be working with you at the Castle Rock Home Owners Association in Schaumburg this year. Balanced Environments has done a complete turnaround from our previous contractor. I have received many compliments on how professional your company is.Dealing with hundreds of residents here is not an easy feat and I appreciate you getting to know who the "squeaky wheels" are and accommodating them the way you do! This makes my job a lot easier! Please let your crews know that they are doing a great job. Keep up the great work!{
Linda Ney, CMCA
Property Manager, Castle Rock HOA, Schaumburg, IL
De Icing
{Working with Balanced Environments for our Snow and Ice management has been rewarding. Covering more than 65 acres of parking and drives, and over three acres of sidewalks, we have the peace of mind that our property will be safe for our employees at all times. The dedication and professionalism portrayed by their hard working employees and staff is a testament to their customer service driven organization.{
Geno F.
Facilities Manager, Motorola Solutions
Landscape Management
{I want to let you know how much I appreciate all that you and your crews do for us. Our landscape looks better and better each year and we have received so many compliments from many different people. The knowledge and experience at Balanced Environments shines through every time you propose solutions to our problems. I am the lucky one because you do a great job of making me, and our site shine.{
Dawn J.
Facilities Manager, CBRE, Inc. Global Workplace Solutions
mystery person
{The appearance of our campus is characterized by the presence of our large, stately trees. The care and longevity of these trees is critical to the overall campus environments and contribute to the educational focus of our cirriculum. We have placed our trust in Balanced Environments for the overall stewardship for our trees and appreciate the dedication they have made to our campus.{
Bob J.
Director of Facilities, Rosalind Franklin University
Landscape Installation
{From concept through construction to completion, working with Balanced Environments on our landscape redevelopment forged a valuable partnership. The three-dimensional site-graphic presentation truly helped us visualize the great potential in our courtyard area. The dedicated project management team was essential to bringing this complex project to fulfillment on schedule and within our budget.{
Sam B.
Technical Services Manager, Golub & Company LLC
Irrigation and Water Management
{I have relied on Balanced Environments' Irrigation Technicians to watch over our multiple irrigation systems for many seasons. Their industry knowledge and ability to promptly respond, gives me the peace of mind that I need as Chief Engineer. {
Fernando O.
Chief Engineer, Colliers International

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Our Landscape Installations provide creative solutions, based on sustainable ideals, to maximize the aesthetic appeal to individual properties. Our landscape designs respond to the particular client requests with innovative ideas. The installation process is driven by the most current practices, with trained personnel, in order to perform exceptionally in health and growth, aesthetic appeal, and value – all combined with lower maintenance demands.

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